Underwater cleaning | DG-Diving Group
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DG Green cleaning system

DG-Diving Group has developed and patented an underwater hull cleaning machine, which can perfectly clean underwater hull plate surfaces and collect process water containing loose particles very effectively.


Difference between conventional brushes and patented DG-Green Cleaning machine is its ability to collect cleaning residues effectively and quide them with process water in filtering process. Filtering process is able to separate loose particles from process water

DG-Green Cleaning machine

–efficient, waste collecting, safe

DG-Green Cleaning machine uses specially for this purpose selected brushes, which are able to clean efficiently underwater hull plate surfaces. Different kind of brushes can be used for different painting/antifouling systems. DG-Diving Group has approval even to clean silicon painting surfaces.


DG-Green Cleaning machine is able to be used in flat and curved areas. As a result of one hour cleaning work 500 – 1000 sqm area of underwater hull structures can be perfectly cleaned per diver.


Diving team is controlling cleaning process and its results. All tools and equipments are highest standard and have been tested and safe. As environment safe system should do, brushed particles are pumped in cleaning process before water is returned to the sea. All waste created in cleaning process will be disposed in an environment friendly way.