Our service

  • Hull cleaning
  • Propeller polishing
  • NDT-inspections
  • Scrubber repairs
  • Thruster repairs/changes
  • Wet welding
  • Class and flag state surveys
  • General service and repair work
  • Underwater construction work

24 hour service

In case of emergency, do not hesitate to contact us 24/7. We will be on the move in two hours.

DG Green cleaning system

DG-Diving Group has developed and patented an underwater hull cleaning machine, which can perfectly clean underwater hull plate surfaces and collect process water containing loose particles very effectively.


DG-Diving Group is a well-known service provider in the Baltic sea area with a long track record. We deliver safe, modern, efficient and professional solutions for our customers. We offer in-house training for our staff to ensure that they can perform at the highest level to accomplish even the most complicated tasks.